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1. Launches
2. Unique Leadership Perspectives
3. Conferences / Workshops

1. Launches

Business Breakfast Launch, Gauteng
26 November 2003

Tribute to Inspirational Women: Albertina Sisulu, Miriam Makeba & Helen Suzman

The launch event of 'Inspirational Women at Work' was not only about celebrating the publication of an inspiring book consisting of 52 inspirational stories. Important too was to acknowledge and pay tribute to those women who paved the way for women today, to ensure that women of the world are taken care of tomorrow.

We paid tribute to inspirational women Albertina Sisulu, Miriam Makeba and Helen Suzman by making a donation to the charities of their choice. Thank YOU for making available your contributor's fee to contributors Miriam Makeba, for the Miriam Makeba Rehabilitation Centre for Girls, Albertina Sisulu for the Albertina Sisulu Foundation and Helen Suzman for African Self Help Association.


Thank you to Basetsana Kumalo ('Defining being an inspirational woman'), Irene Charnley ('Tapping the power within') and Bridgitte Radebe ('The new face of leadership') for their special messages and sharing of expertise, in honour of these remarkable women.


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Business Breakfast Launch, Cape Town
6 April 2003

Program of Events

1. Lisel Erasmus-Kritzinger shares with the audience information about the process of
    putting Inspirational Women at Work together: the book, its contents, the
    contributors, the process and future plans.

2. Miriam Makeba shares more about her contribution to Inspirational Women at Work
    and her life as an inspirational woman, an international performer, a world traveller
    and South Africa's Ambassador of Goodwill.

3. Announcement about Graca Machel & her support for and involvement in various
    Inspirational Women at Work projects & how she has agreed to be the Guardian
    Angel of the Inspirational Women at Work Foundation.
4. Announcement about Inspirational Women at Work really making a difference.



5. The Inspirational Women at Work Foundation will support the 'Makeba
    Rehabilitation Home for Girls' by paying the salary of the full time Home Mother for
    one year.


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2. Unique Leadership Perspectives

Inspirational Women at Work at the Hilton, Gauteng
29 May 2006

A project of Inspirational Women at Work in association with Kaqala Events, DBSA & the Hilton Hotel.
Unique Leadership Perspectives through Creative Conversations with a focus on wealth creation.

Lisel Erasmus Kritzinger & her team celebrate the first in a series of Inspirational Women at the Hilton events focusing on Unique Leadership Perspectives through Creative Conversations.

Guests were invited to share and enjoy a cocktail launch & finger dinner as they celebrated the achievement and the creation of wealth by all women who help to make a positive difference to South Africa and the world. Powerful and like-minded inspirational women met to network, learn and share knowledge as part of our series of creative conversations focusing on leadership & wealth creation.


With endorsements by powerful women leaders, business and media partners, who have committed themselves to involvement in projects related to the book, this was the Johannesburg opportunity to network and create partnerships with men & women at the cutting edge of empowerment. We believe personal transformation leads corporate transformation-one person at a time. This is what the Inspirational Women Forum intends - to create a platform for transformation through skills empowerment and dialogue.


Feedback from the Event

Lisel Erasmus-Kritzinger recently launched the first of many gatherings, entitled "Unique Leadership Perspectives through Creative Conversations" at the Hilton.

Her guest speakers were women who have an inspirational story to tell on a variety of themes. The event culminated in the women (and a small smattering of "honorary women") discussing the concept of wealth creation on several levels, such as financial, personal, community & grassroots. The evening was a great success and the first speaker was Elinor Sisulu, who paid tribute to Albertina.

Dr Namane Magau

"Success is complex; uncertainty is the norm."

"Look what we can do. Look what we have in the room here tonight, and think back 20 years. Here we have black and white women sitting together, working together, learning together and sharing skills and knowledge. In this same room in 1985, I don't think so. And the result of being here tonight is that we will be creating wealth together. What form that wealth takes, is immaterial - the fact is that we will all leave here the richer for having shared our knowledge and skills with each other.

My message to you is simple: Don't shy away from wealth creation, Wealth is good. Whether the wealth takes the form of cash (which can be used to create more wealth and be spread around) or spiritual and community wealth makes no difference. The point is that its creation is good, and we can create it. No one can focus like a woman when she knows what she wants. Women can connect and build genuine relationships, which become powerful ideas and result in giant corporates. Women make things grow."

Elinor Sisulu

Daughter-in-law to Albertina Sisulu, Elinor spoke eloquently about her mother-in-law.

Elinor's plea is to let the generations that follow know about this courageous women, who is a politician, wife and mother and who kept every promise she ever made.

Dr Ingrid Verwey

As the founder and programme co-ordinator of the South African Women in Construction Association, Dr Verwey sees her mission as challenging the face of poverty and breaking it.

Verwey explained graphically that the poverty cycle in South Africa (and it is the women who, to a large extent, bear the brunt of the scourge) cannot be broken if the creation of wealth is looked at simply in terms of money.

"The traditional image of an entrepreneur is a "Bill Gates"-type overnight success story. Most overnight successes, however, take five to ten years of hard slog to emerge. For the poorest in South Africa, the overnight successes may take somewhat longer, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Ingrid Verwey is passionate about creating the environment necessary to give the latest entrepreneurs throughout the land a kick-start. However, she knows that there is a long row to hoe yet and the journey of a thousand miles is only just beginning.

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3. Conferences / Workshops

Skills Development Seminar: The New Face of Leadership
27 November 2003

Our business breakfast launch event was followed by the first 'Inspirational Women at Work' skills development seminar, titled, 'The New Face of Leadership'. This one day seminar was organised by Knowledge Resources and attended by almost 70 high profile, corporate business and professional women.

Speakers included contributors Prof. Lize Booysen (UNISA Graduate School of Leadership), Marianne Roux (Stellenbosh University Business School), Arthie Moore (Mthimkhulu International) and the editorial team of 'Inspirational Women at Work', Sinnah Ramakhula (National Economic Education Trust), Kaamini Reddy (International Marketing Council), Annemarie Mostert (ROTARY International), Marinda Bastiaans (FET Directorate), Angela Bruwer (ABSA) and Lisel Erasmus-Kritzinger (RAU University / Editor: Inspirational Women at Work).

Thank you to all the contributors above who all donated their time and speaker's fee to the Inspirational Women at Work Foundation, a foundation aiming to empower women through a variety of education and training initiatives.

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